People of the Christians faith and those who are inclined to history and learning are familiar with the Biblical story of how God blessed and promoted Haman and how he deployed his office to denigrate, attack and attempt to annihilate Mordecai. How Haman ended is better read from the Holy Book.

While one may situate this story in history, the ensuing disposition of Mr. Akpabio, Senate President of the 10th Assembly, reaffirms “history repeats itself” and those “who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat”. At such a time in the life of our Nation Nigeria, we do not need a Senate President that is bereft of the temperament and ideas need to support the President in his determination towards economic recovery.

Mr. Akpabio does not seem to know that psychology and communication play huge parts in the economic acquiescence of individuals and households and that most of his utterances are regarded as endorsed by either the government or the President. As Presidentof the 10th Senate, Akpabio has nothing to show in the crucial areas, especially Nation Building, but rather unfounded statements that could further fracture peace among brothers.

It is not too late for Senate Presidents before him including Senator David Mark, Senator Bukola Saraki and Senator Ahmad Lawan to conduct an orientation programme for Senator Akpabio on how to occupy and comport himself in such an exalted office with dignity and integrity and desist from thebarrage of lies to cover mediocrity. A leader who has ideas does not discuss people.

Clearly, where there are metrics for who gets what, senate president Godswill Akpabio is the least Nigerian to occupy such sensitive position, not even the series of his obnoxious statements going publicly unchecked. Unfortunately, Akpabio’s unlikely utterance is telling negatively on the overall image of the President Tinubu administration and may become a significant impediment to any potential goodwill the President may garner eventually.

It appears all the senate president is concerned about are mundane issues, some of them brazen lies. Recently while responding to the genuine concern raised by a Senator colleague on the citing of Federal Medical Centres across the states of the Federation, he detoured to take a swipe, just as it has become characteristic of him. Verifiably, it is not for nothing that the bill for establishment of Federal Medical Centre FMC across states of the federation which was brought to the red chamber from the House of representative for concurrence was easily suspended, such disgruntled public outcry is a testament that, the National assembly under the leadership of Akpabio remains a hoax. It is more unfortunate that Senator Akpabio seems trapped in his days as Commissioner under Governor Victor Attah as virtually all his references are from his time as commissioner. This is such a pity, and the reflection is what we are seeing with his indiscretion, vituperation and lack of restraint regardless that he occupies the third highest office in the country.

It is appalling, Akpabio’s insensitivity has gone viral. His unguarded utterances are unbecoming of a Senate President. If not checked, he poses unprecedented catastrophe to the Tinubuadministration. Recall, the Nigerian senate whip, senator Ali Ndume once declared that the house may take drastic actions against Akpabio when he announced to his colleagues that a ‘holiday allowance was sent to their various bank accounts’ to enable them to enjoy their holidays after the screening of Tinubu’s ministerial nominees.

For someone whose record of pilfering is legendary, one can only hope his utterances may warrant the release of the documents of his service while he acted as “emperor” of Akwa Ibom.  Added to this, it is clear that he is determined to set off crises in the most peaceful state in Nigeria so that he can leverage the outcome as it is characteristic of him and his style.

Ordinarily, those whose antecedents are riddled with character flaws and amorality should not enjoy any form of regard or relevance beyond recognition of their scabbard. Akpabio ought to have remained indoors, if possible, to regain sanity from intoxication of how he considers himself a god. Sometime ago, someone within Akpabio’s close quarters quipped, “I do not understand Oga’s problem with Udom. He barely utters three words without mentioning Udom as many times as possible”. Who knows, the story of Akpabio demanding that Udom be initiated into his cult and the later barefaced and frontal refusal may be true after all. People like Udom aptly understand the God and god conundrum and his (Udom) refusal to bow to a god that could qualify him to be at war with God, remains the basis for Akpabio’s endless contempt.
It is high time, the president call Akpabio to order from his drunken illusion. I mean, it is sad that a man whose failed footage has been served across the world and know for dubious performance. Isn’t laughable that a man like Akpabio should still has the temerity to “preach against water while drinking wine”.

A little advice for Mr. Akpabio, taken from the words of Sydney Harris, “history repeats itself, but in such cunning disguise that we never detect the resemblance until the damage is done”. Mr. Senate President should acquaint himself with this and explore the consequences and potential outcomes of such a dangerous possibility.

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