BREAKING! CSR Reporters Celebrates 5-Year Milestone with Special SISA 2024 Event

BREAKING! CSR Reporters Celebrates 5-Year Milestone with Special SISA 2024 Event

CSR Reporters, Africa’s leading publication dedicated to news, advocacy and consultancy on corporate responsibility and sustainability, has announced the Social Impact and Sustainability Awards (SISA) 2024. The annual event will mark the publication’s five-year milestone with a week-long series of impactful activities.

SISA honours and celebrates organizations that have played a pivotal role in driving socio-economic transformation in Nigeria through innovative change initiatives. This year’s event is particularly special, as CSR Reporters celebrates five years of excellence in corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting.

The celebration will encompass the following key activities:

  1. CSR Festival: A platform for organisations to present their CSR initiatives to local and international media, fostering collaboration and information sharing among industry peers.
  2. Empowerment to Journalists: CSR Reporters will provide a one-year health insurance plan to select journalists to promote awareness of health-related issues within the journalism community.
  3. Philanthropy Club: The launch of a philanthropy club in secondary schools, nurturing the spirit of philanthropy among younger generations.
  4. CSR Prize for Sustainability Reporting: A monetary award for the Nigerian journalist who produces the most compelling investigative article on sustainability and corporate responsibility.
  5. CSR Reporters’ SISA: The week-long celebration will culminate in the annual SISA ceremony, where deserving organizations and individuals will be recognized at an awards dinner.

Eche Munonye, the publisher and chairman of CSR Reporters, affirmed in a statement that the upcoming event and the publication’s commitment to community enrichment are unparalleled.

“We believe it is our responsibility to practice what we preach, this time around. CSR Reporters is giving back to the society that has supported us these past five years,” said Munonye. “Through the various activities planned, we hope to foster a culture of responsibility, transparency, and collaboration that will benefit not only organizations and individuals but the entire Nigerian community.”

CSR Reporters invites members of the press, organizations, and the general public to join them in celebrating their achievements and recognizing those making positive impact in the world of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

For more information about the SISA 2024 event and other activities, please contact CSR Reporters

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