Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman/CEO, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) has reiterated on the need for Nigerians travelling outside the shores of their sovereign boundaries to be more circumspect to avoid any untoward circumstances.
Dabiri-Erewa gave this advisory during a visit by Rev. Dr. Israel Kristilere, founder of Seeds of Faith Intercontinental Limited and President of the Christian Corporations in Nigeria, who lamented the maltreatment he suffered at Arman Tarmac during a stopover on his pilgrimage to Israel.

Rev. Kristilere recounted the events of April 30th, 2024, when he and 51 other passengers, including 28 pilgrims, were en route to Israel during a four-hour layover in Cairo.

“Myself and another first-class passenger were resting in the lounge. Around midnight, when I observed that boarding has commenced, yet my group remained seated. Upon inquiry, I learnt they had instructed us to wait”, he narrated.

Rev. Kristilere added that when he attempted to board, he was detained by airport security personnel on accusations of sexual harassment, based on a trump-up complaint and a supposed video recording he was not allowed to view.

Forced to apologize to the alleged victim to avoid court proceedings, he complied, though he documented his refusal to sign an Arabic document by writing “I DO NOT KNOW” alongside his signature.

Amidst this ordeal, the intervention of the Desk Manager resulted in the return of Rev. Kristilere’s passport and his release. On May 1st, at around 1 a.m, the 27 pilgrims, who had refused to board without him, finally departed Cairo together.

Reacting to the sordid narrative, the Chairman/CEO NiDCOM who was represented by the Secretary to the Commission, Dr. Sule Yakubu Bassi clarified that Nidcom would bring his petition to the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nigerian Embassy in Egypt , adding that they have the powers and jurisdiction to intervene and investigate

She apologized for the maltreatment Rev. Kristilere endured, emphasizing that no Nigerian should face inhumane treatment abroad.

Dabiri-Erewa commended Rev. Kristilere for securing support from the Christian Pilgrims Commission and encouraged him to forward relevant documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian Embassy.

The NiDCOM Boss further assured that the commission will continue to advocate dignified and humane treatment and privileges of Nigerians all over the world.

Signed ,
Gabriel Odu,
Media, Public Relations and Protocols Unit,

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