Dr And Mrs Oluwatoyin Aborisade Celebrates Wedding Anniversary In Grand Style~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi

Dr And Mrs Oluwatoyin Aborisade Celebrates Wedding Anniversary In Grand Style~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi
Mr & Mrs Dr. Oluwatoyin Aborisade

Wife recount “He’s my hero, I will stand by him. He’s my precious love, I will stand by him. God give him many more years, this love will last forever.”

With the above expression, obviously, Mrs Aborisade in support of her husband, Oluwatoyin (Dr.) Aborisade, in the midst of a challenging episode that soon crumbled like what it really was; a badly arranged cards.

It was their undiluted wedding anniversary on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, of this beautiful couple who have remained best friends, winning together, through their years romantic journey, with praises and affectionate words for each other.

Mr And Mrs (Dr) Oluwatoyin Aborisade’s union, indeed, is a classic example of how religious Christian home can help married couples stay married. As Christians, they are not only bringing their admirable living truths about the realities of marriage straight from Holy Scripture, they have also constantly endeavour to be a model for an honest and healthy marriage before their family, loved ones and audience.

“Despite that I’m also an ordained Deaconess; I have always been a helper to my husband. My roles as a wife, mother at home, and leader in the church have been constant without let or hindrance,” as Mrs Aborisade recounts while she counseled that the role of a wife to husband, especially wives of a God’s fearing husband is, knowing, what God expects of them which will make their role as wives and helpmates to their husbands most challenging and fulfilling.

Saying further, our marriage has endured this far because “God has made each of us unique individuals.” Eve was created to be the helpmate to Adam.

In a prompt response from the husband “She is my helpmate and she has shown great loyalty and character, which, of course, is vital to the success of any marriage”.

Wife eulogies husband further by saying “He is my Oga at the top and life coach. A proactive husband my husband and veneration. I vividly remember when I met him for the first time, while growing up in hometown Erukucity I was swept off my feet by the simple manner he addressed serious issues. So, I came to respect and love him almost immediately”. “Jesus Christ submits to the authority of the Father. The Bible teaches us in 1 Corinthians 11:3, that “The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” It is a lesson for all women to be in subjection to men.

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