Evangelist Dr. Lekan Remilekun Amos Celebrates Auspicious Birthday In Style.

Evangelist Dr. Lekan Remilekun Amos Celebrates Auspicious Birthday In Style.

Evangelist Dr. Lekan Remilekun Amos L.R.A has been in the music industry for decades and he has been doing wonderfully well among notable gospel singers in Nigeria and beyond, operating with the Holy Spirit with his euphonious voice!.

 Delivery is crucial to good performance, having hits  limelight for several years L.R.A as Dr Remilekun fondly called by his teeming fans has turned every year to a year of blessings and breakthrough for his fans across the globe with his melodious and evergreen songs.

No wonder, despite the numbers of singers who have made it big in the highly competitive industry, L.R.A has a very successful careers in the music industry, the anointed gospel music minister , an astute teacher of the words of God and a lover of creativity is a strong force to recon with in the music world.

  The ilaje born singer was able to capture the heart of many people from onset with his soul lift albums,  starting from his debut, ‘Palawan Olu Omo,’ Olorun Esan, The light, Ifarada, Afowafa, Igi Aruwe, to the Aye soro that brought him to limelight , To Oluwa de.

L.R.A has used his gifted talent to change the life of many souls, even those who are not his fans with the lyrics inscribed in one of his tracks ‘Oluwa de’ in his Album ‘Ipele Aanu’ (Levels Of Mercy).

However, Evangelist Dr. Lekan Remilekun Amos, Exactly 1:00 am (Nigerian time) posted on his Official Facebook page thanking the Most high God For keeping him alive till today as he Celebrates his Birthday. He said “THE START OF A NEW BEGINNING!
Behold I establish my covenant with you & your seeds after you ( Gen 9:9)

Since the post published, People across the world have been Congratulating him for the celebration of his birthday in 2024.

The most interesting part it was that L.R.A has scheduled a Special Birthday Online Revival/ Praise Program Tagged “The start Of New Beginning that would equally featured other Anointed Gospel Artist like Lady Evang. Aduke Gold, Prince Olu Wale Aniyikaye, Elder Niyi Fadipe amongst others, as the multiple awards winning gospel singer is set to returns all the glory back to who it Belongs to (God) the online thanksgiving show would hold 5pm (Nigerian time) via his YouTube and Official Facebook page.

Happy birthday to the most accommodating, creative, highly resourceful singer of God, a very big birthday to a man who has brought many innovatives to the gospel singer, a toast to an enigmatic and intellectual charismatic leader.

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