Exposed! The Many Lies Of Wanted Cyber Bully, Dorcas Adeyinka+ Her Failed Attempt To Blackmail The Odegbamis

Exposed! The Many Lies Of Wanted Cyber Bully, Dorcas Adeyinka+ Her Failed Attempt To Blackmail The Odegbamis

The greatest threat to Nigeria’s existence is not terrorism or corruption. Unknown to many people, the real threat to our country’s continued existence is the emergence of agents of destruction disguising as bloggers dominating the Nigerian online space with fake news and outright disinformation. These so-called bloggers are everywhere – from Lagos to London and their mission is to cause havoc, and ultimately employ the use of blackmail to extort prominent individuals and celebrities. One of such purveyors of lies is the wanted fugitive named Dorcas Adeyinka, a United Kingdom, UK-based blogger who is notorious for cyber bullying and cyber-stalking. Dorcas Adeyinka is currently wanted by the Nigeria Police in connection with a case of cyber-stalking, abduction, murder, injurious falsehood, threat to life and extortion. The wanted blogger seems to have met her match in the current face-off with the prominent Odegbami family. She has been dragging the Odegbami’s reputation in the mud through her online platforms over false claims of kidnapping, incest and ritual activities.

The Lies

Dorcas Adeyinka who is currently in hiding after jumping bail in February, 2024, had alleged that Princess Tolulope Odegbami and her iconic father, Chief Segun Odegbami of Green Eagles fame were involved in incest. She further alleged that the abominable act produced three children. Not done, she also accused Chief Odegbami of being a ritualist who has been using children under the care of Abike Jagaban Helping Hands Foundation, a non-governmental organization, NGO. According to the petition written by Baron & Stagger, the solicitors to the Odegbamis, Dorcas Adeyinka alongside her partners in crime – about eight bloggers claimed to have the sex escapades of Princess Tolulope with her father. The allegations were nothing but a tissue of lies.

Contrary to the falsehood being bandied about; Dorcas Adeyinka, the fleeing bully is the one really in the eye of the storm over involvement in the abduction and alleged murder of Folusho Olayinka. As the goes, Tolulope Odegbami through Abike Jagban Helping Hands Foundation was only trying to offer a helping hand before Dorcas Adeyinka came on stream with her blackmail. Setting the record straight, in 2022 Tolulope was contacted by CSP Margaret Igbodalo, the OC Gender of the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, in Lagos to come over to the station. Upon her arrival at the station, she met a family comprising mother, father and children in company of another woman, one Jokotade Awodeyi who was accused of defrauding the family of six million. The susspect’s husband was also arrested for sleeping with a minor. Tolulope representating Abike Jagban Helping Hands Foundation was invited by the Police to take the poor children under the care of their foundation. And she was given permission by the authorities involving the ministries of justice(Lagos State), domestic violence, the Nigerian NGOs and the house of assembly under one Hon. Victor Akande. Even the father of the children gave the foundation the go-ahead via an undertaking to care of the children. The brohuaha started when Dorcas Adeyinka emerged on the scene with her claims that Tolulope was into kidnaping, slavery and rituals in collaboration with her father, Chief Segun Odegbami. On her account of her false accusations, Tolulope was arrested more than nine times. Her last arrest was carried by the Department of State Security, DSS. Despite the intense cyber bulky and defamatory posts by Dorcas Adeyinka and her co-conspirators, Tolulope maintained her peace because the case was being investigated by the Police. Things took a worse turn when Dorcas Adeyinka who is the founder of Dorcas Adeyinka’s Empowerment Foundation abducted children under the care of Abike Jagban Helping Hands Foundation all in the name of rescuing them without the permission of the kids’ parents. The sad news is the unfortunate passing of Folusho Olayinka under the custody of Dorcas Adeyinka. While she was entangled in the alleged murder of Folusho Adekoya, she alleged attempted to dump the girl’s corpse at her parents’ house – the same parents whom she had no relationship whatsoever with. After intense efforts to get her arrested and prosecuted for her crimes – one of her evil gang was apprehended. Dorcas Adeyinka, too was eventually arrested but she jumped bail and fled to London in February, early this year. With backing from her alleged godmother, one Princess Rosemary Attu has been fingered as the mastermind behind Dorcas Adeyinka’s blackmail and cyber-stalking. Dorcas is not alone – her team include one Adekoya who is her manager and other eight bloggers working in collaboration with her to defame and blackmail influential people with the sole aim of financial gains.

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