Grace Nation Partnership Service: Nobody Can Truly Partner with God – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation Partnership Service: Nobody Can Truly Partner with God – Dr Chris Okafor

Serving God with your Substance is just a mere Privilege that will brings fulfillment into your life, Cause no one can support God.

Your Partnership with God is a Price that allows you to receive from the blessings of God.

Preaching at the Grace Nation Partnership and Annoiting Services held at the International Headquarters of the Church situated in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Popularly known as The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor remarked that No body can Support God.

The Popular Lagos Clergyman who just returned from a 3 Days Prophetic conference in Zambia Teaches on the Subject Attracting the Favour Of God and Increase Through Partnership said it takes a deep revelation and Knowledge to understand the misery of Partnership.

The Man of God continue that you also needs to understand how God align with People that obey instructions and Partner with him. Therefore to attract favour and increases from God, you must also listen to Instructions from your spiritual Father.

According to the scriptures, Obey your Lord Jesus Christ and be established, Obey your Prophet sent by God and you shall Prosper. The Generational Prophet of God said he that receive a Prophet in his name shall enjoy the Prophet reward.

When you believe in something and you are committed to it, that thing shall work in your favour.

To attract the favour of God, you must be attracted to the things of God, you must be a soul winner, Evangelized the world of God to every Corner of the Earth and importantly you must be a kingdom investor, when all this Principles are obeyed follow to the latter, you will attract favour and Blessings from God, The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor remarked.

The Partnership Service witness a special Annoiting Service to break every Limitations at the service,. The Power of God came down Mightily, setting the Lawful captive free, delivering the sick, captives and down trodden, while Miracle Babies were handed over to awaiting Mother’s.

It will be recalled that Dr Chris okafor through the Chris Okafor world Outreach Ministries COWOM just return from Zambia where he has gone to break barriers of Limitations in the life of the Good People of Zambia.

Testimonies from Zambia confirmed that the Mighty hand of God was evidential in the life of many in Zambia, Evil altars were destroyed, bloodline inherited battles gave way, the blind See, the lame walk, while a special prayers session were said for the Government and Good people of that Country to enjoy more and more dividend of democracy among other things.

Dr Chris okafor is a true Man of God with the words and accurate demonstration of the Power of God, Despite Heavy downpour on the day 2 of the Conference, He was inside the rain declaring Prophecy and let me tell you all, the Evidence is there for all of us in Zambia, a dedicated faithful residing in Livingston share this with Society Herald.

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