Grace Nation PHDS: The Demons is Always Comfortable In a Desert -Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation PHDS: The Demons is Always Comfortable In a Desert -Dr Chris Okafor

“For you to be delivered would never been enough but for the deliverance to be maintained is more important”.

This and more are the Special focused of the midweek service (PHDS) held at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation Global in Lagos Nigeria.

Speaking on the series on Deliverance, “How God work behind the scene”, Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Dr Chris Okafor said demons are not always comfortable in a place highly fireside, the demons prefer a Place that is very cool, where prayer atmosphere is not highly hotter, but when you are a prayer warrior and understand the Principles that can destroyed the network of the demons through prayer, they flee and you become free from all forms of demonic spirit.

Analysing why it is difficult for demons to stay in the desert, the Generational Prophet of God said Demons cannot stay in a deserts because the place is difficult for them to operate freely.

The Global Prophet also remarked that listening to instructions of the spirit breaks you out from the burden of the demons.

The Mid-week service witness Mighty Hand of God in a strange dimension with mind blowing deliverance, Healing, Miracles, Restoration and Solution to different affliction and Problems.

God used his servant the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor to free the lawful captive and releases Miracles Babies to awaiting mother’s all to the glory of God.

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