Grace Nation Root and Foundation Teaching Service – The Word of God Is the Spiritual Diet for Growth – Dr Chris Okafor.

Grace Nation Root and Foundation Teaching Service – The Word of God Is the Spiritual Diet for Growth – Dr Chris Okafor.

When you are born again, you are a new creator in Christ and everything about your life becomes News, so therefore your life depends on spiritual Diet and God words is that bread of Life.

This and more are the foundation raised by the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor at the week 3 of the 10 weeks of Rooted and foundation Teaching Services held at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation world-wide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

Teaching on the Topic, Spiritual Diet for the New Creation, the Senior Pastor Grace Nation international aka Liberation City Dr Chris Okafor said the word of God is the spiritual Diet for Growth, the Man of God said to Grow spiritually, you needs the words of God to Guides you in all you do, and the spiritual of God is the Bread of Life that contact supernatural words of Elohim.

The Popular Lagos Clergyman continue that when you are born again, you are like a little baby that was just given birth to, Babies eat milks to grow but as a born again christians you need the words, the words of God becomes your bread to grow in Christ.

Highlighting some characters or behaviors that will not allow the spiritual Diet works in your life, The Televangelist Preacher said Bitterness, Gambling, speaking evil of your Prophet, Keeping Malice and back biting are some of the exhibited characters of some People that will not allow spiritual Diet to Grow there Christian Life. When you keep bitterness, when your heart is always bitter about the things of God, you cannot grow spiritually, also when you Gamble thinking there is a shot cut to wealth without working, it will not allow you Grow spiritually also the Apostle of Altars mentioned that when you speak evil of your Prophet or your fellow members or backbite, the spiritual Diet will not manifest in your life, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor explained.

The Root and Foundation Training class , recorded another blessings today as another set of 3 Participate take home Bible gift after they answer correctly, Question asked on Last weeks Teaching, today is the 3 week of the 10 week training session, Member of the Mighty Men of Grace Nation anchor the section.

Evil chains broken, various evil altars keeping the destiny of people from manifesting destroy as God blessed a Man who has been under bondage for over 20 years with 1million naira through the Chris Okafor Humanitarian Foundation, The Man of God located the Man in his 70’th, he was prayed for, his case file was visited by God and Elohim directed the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor to bless him with 1million after he was directed to bring sand from his 20 years uncompleted building in his home town.

Meanwhile the Preparation for the construction of the Grace Nation Lekki church has began in earnest with Prayers to make the project a successful.

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