Imade Osawaru Lead ‘Team EU’ To Change The Face of Actor Guild Of Nigeria

Imade Osawaru Lead ‘Team EU’ To Change The Face of Actor Guild Of Nigeria

Talented Nollywood screen goddess, Imade Osawaru has indicated interest to bring to bare her experience in the industry in the day to running of the Actor Guild of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter as she gunning for the position of Assistant Secretary.

Delectable Imade is not alone in this quest she is vying with other contestants with the slogan ‘ Team EU’ that share her dream, passion and vision known as and are determine to change the face of the association.

Imade’s an entrepreneur, producer, film maker and content creator positioned her to make positive impact in the industry. With the slogan ‘ A Breath of Fresh Air’ no doubt is set to be a change maker for movie association.

Imade Osawaru:

Is not just a name in the industry; she’s a force of innovation and dedication. Her vision for the Guild is clear: to enhance the welfare of its members, introduce essential life and health insurance schemes, and create an environment where every member feels valued and supported.

Her campaign is driven by the desire to serve and to elevate the Guild to new heights of professionalism and care.

Their slogan, “A Breath of Fresh Air,” perfectly encapsulates their commitment to bringing renewed energy and fresh ideas to the Guild.

Eno Udo: Is running for Chairmanship position, is a seasoned leader known for her strategic thinking and compassionate approach. With Eno at the helm, the Guild can look forward to a future of inclusivity and growth.

Kunle Akintunde

The Vice Chairmanship candidate, is a dynamic individual with a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities. His innovative mindset and collaborative spirit make him the perfect partner in driving the Guild forward.

Joseph Abayomi Oni

Is vying for the position of Secretary, brings a wealth of administrative experience and a keen eye for detail. His organizational skills ensure that the Guild’s operations will run smoothly and efficiently.

Jonathan Emenike:

Is vying for Treasurer, brings a solid background in financial management and transparency. His expertise will be instrumental in ensuring the Guild’s financial health and accountability.

Steve Mario Anozie:

The candidate for Director of Guild Services, is dedicated to improving member welfare thereby enhancing the Guild’s offerings. His commitment to excellence will ensure that every member receives the support and resources they need.

John Ukpe:

Is running for PRO, is a communications expert with a talent for storytelling. His ability to connect with people and effectively convey the Guild’s message will help build a stronger, more engaged community.

Miracle Bob – Ekechukwu:

The Chief Whip candidate, is known for her integrity, discipline and fairness. Her role will be crucial in maintaining order and ensuring that the Guild’s decisions are implemented effectively.

Together, Team EU represents a new era for the Actors Guild of Nigeria Lagos State Chapter. Their combined expertise and shared vision promise a Guild that is more responsive, more supportive, and more innovative.

Join Imade Osawaru and Team EU in this exciting journey. Let’s bring a breath of fresh air to the Guild and work together to create a brighter future for all members.

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