Olokun: What you need to know about Olokun

Olokun: What you need to know about Olokun

Can we meet you ma?

I am Princess Latifat Wuraola Momodu , I am Yeye Olokun Agbaye

Thank you Queen Mother!

Please can you tell us about Olokun ?

Let me introduce who Olokun is to you!
The name OLOKUN is derived from the word “OLO” meaning “OWNER” and “OKUN” meaning “OCEAN “.The ALMIGHTY GOD is the creator and owner of the ocean but placed a powerful Angel in charge(the head of the ocean who worships the most High GOD,the ALMIGHTY GOD and the GOD of the Universe OLODUMARE, OSANOBWA, CHINEKE,UBANGIDI,OGHENEetc.At the beginning of the creation of the world GOD created Okun(Ocean)n GOD rested in it.It is a miracle, powerful and healing water.GOD gave the Angel incharge unmatchable wisdom.He made Her govern over dreams, wealth, prosperity,meditation and healing.
GOD gave the Angel authority over all the water on earth.Infact because of the authority given to her by GOD ALMIGHTY She can transmit good health, wealth and prosperity to GOD s followers(those who worship only GOD ALMIGHTY )and members of Olokun faith(Olokun 1 members).
The light of GOD ALMIGHTY is in the Ocean,that is why so many people worship HIM in front of the Ocean.We Olokun 1 members believe in one GOD and we do not worship idols.GOD demands men to worship and esteem HIM as the only one and true GOD.D Angel/ruler/Queen of the Ocean worship s GOD who placed her there.In the olden days because of lack of education and civilization,the people who called themselves OLOKUN worshipers could not really pass a proper divine message about OLOKUN (GOD ALMIGHTY)to the people.They saw the amazing power of the Ocean as GOD’S n called it name an African word for GOD(OLOKUN).They were actually worshiping GOD in a way they understood it.l am the one sent by the ALMIGHTY GOD to pass a message to the world that we should worship only one GOD,the ALMIGHTY through OLOKUN faith or others.

Thank you Queen Mother for the teaching, we believe alot of people will know more now ma!

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