Primate Ayodele Holds Another Edition Of Palliative Market In Ogun State

Primate Ayodele Holds Another Edition Of Palliative Market In Ogun State

In continuation of his philanthropic acts to the public, Primate Ayodele has held another edition of his palliative market initiative today Saturday, 22nd of June, 2024 at the Ijoko branch of his church in Ogun state.

This has made it the fourth edition since the palliative market initiative started in 2023. The maiden and second edition was held at the Lagos headquarters of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church while the third one was held in Ekiti state in commemoration of the planting of a new church.

At the latest edition which was held in Ogun state, Primate Ayodele, as usual, crashed the prices of food commodities like rice, noodles, Semo, Garri, groundnut oil, Wheat, to mention but a few.

Just like the previous editions, 30 half bags of rice were sold for N8,000 each, paints of Garri were sold for N500, bags of Semolina were sold for N2,000, kegs of groundnut oil went for N2,500, bags of wheat were sold for N2,000, Small and big sizes cartons of noodles were sold for N1,000 and N2,000 respectively.

The largesse wasn’t opened to church members alone; it was all-encompassing as it included members of other churches, Muslims, and others who were interested. In all, about beneficiaries were recorded.

While speaking on the reason behind the palliative market initiative, Primate Ayodele stated that it’s a way to assist the government and to show them that there is hardship in the country. He made it known that his ministry will continue with the palliative market till hardship reduces in Nigeria.

‘’We won’t stop our palliative market till the economy of Nigeria is better. This is our own way of assisting the government because truly, they can’t do it alone. We are also passing a message to the government that there is serious hardship in the country and that there is a need to work on solutions to mitigate this perilous moment.’’

‘’If the government can embrace this kind of initiative and crash the price of food items in the country, hardship will reduce drastically and the people will prefer it. The current prices of food items are causing anguish and pain, the government should do something about it.’’

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