Real Estate Of Fraud! How, Joseph Nantomah defrauded investors over $300m in USA Exposed!

Real Estate Of Fraud! How, Joseph Nantomah defrauded investors over $300m in USA Exposed!

The foremost African real estate investor Dr. Joseph Nantomah, popularly known as Black Mentor, is presently alleged for stealing over $300,000.00 from clients who made payments to his real estate investment group, BizTimes News reports.

The Wisconsin Circuit Court in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, has opened a case investigating allegations of a real estate mega scam to allow investors to reclaim their investment funds.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of city Milwaukee residents Tomas Matos and Jeannie Berry-Matos, which also affects some Nigerians-US based Oluwafemi Adeosun, Chimkame Ibe, Noral Anyanwu and Emmanuel Anyanwu in United States District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin, accused Black Mentor investment fraud.

According to a report by BizTimes News, a Nigerian-US-based resident of New York, Oluwafemi Adeosun, filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Nantomah after he allegedly accepted a payment of $80,000 to flip a home in Slinger. After this first payment agreement, Adeosun also entered into a second investment with Nantomah and paid him another $45,000.

Another Nigerian-US-based resident, Chimkame Ibe, a Texas resident, also accused Dr. Josphen Nantomah of a breach of contract lawsuit against Black Mentor last month. She allegedly paid into an investor account $100,000 to flip the aforementioned property in Slinger. According to the client, she entered into a second investment agreement with Black Mentor via the messaging app Whatsapp, paying an additional $15, 000, BizTimes News reports.

The scam not left out a couple: Noral Anyanwu and Emmanuel Anyanwu, residents of Illinois, allegedly paid Nantomah $100,000 for investment property. Meanwhile, the trio of client-victims of Nigerians-US based have filed a case against Nantomah at the Wisconsin circuit court, Milwaukee USA.

According to the Investors Capital LLC website, the company owns a real estate asset worth more than $23 million. The company’s policy stated that they would acquire properties and then flip them for property.

The company solicits investments from clients through seminars, conferences, workshops, and the use of social media platforms to educate clients on the company’s real estate investment market and the promised returns.

This medium further investigated Nantomah’s social media activities and discovered that he used his huge followers on Instagram and Facebook to trick innocent victims into falling victim to a security investment fraud. It was gathered that the victims have yet to receive any reimbursement for any payments from Nantomah’s real estate investment company

Nantomah is the owner and principal of Milwankee-based Investor Capital LLC, a property service company. According to the findings by BizTimes News, “The business is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has garnered three customer complaints over the last two years, which were filed with the BBB.

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