Idemudia Osaretin Joseph was born on March 18, 1977, in Edo State, Nigeria, Joseph has carved out a distinguished career marked by innovation, strategic acumen, and a relentless drive for success.

Education and Early Career

Joseph’s journey into the world of business began with a solid foundation in finance and management. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the prestigious University of Benin, Benin City, before furthering his expertise with professional qualifications from esteemed institutions such as the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Nigeria Institute of Management.

Armed with his academic credentials, Joseph embarked on a series of roles that showcased his diverse skill set and leadership potential. From his early days as an Audit and System Trainee at SIAO (Chartered Accountants) to his tenure as an Internal Auditor at Sundry Food Ltd., Joseph honed his abilities in financial management, internal control, and risk assessment.

Professional Milestones

Joseph’s professional journey is punctuated by a string of notable accomplishments. As a pivotal member of the Burea of Public Enterprise (BPE) team for the privatization of NAFCON (now NOTORE) in 2004, he demonstrated his prowess in navigating complex restructuring projects.

At Gemini Pharmaceuticals Nig Ltd (Bayer), Joseph was the Head of Internal Audit Department. During his tenure, he implemented sound financial controls that led to a significant reduction in trade debtors, showcasing his knack for effective debt management and risk mitigation strategies.

His contributions extend beyond finance, as evidenced by his role in setting up the Internal Audit department at Sundry Food Ltd. in Port Harcourt, where he served as a pioneer auditor. This experience underscored his ability to design and implement robust procedures and policies.

Leadership and Strategic Vision

Joseph’s ascent to executive positions speaks volumes about his leadership abilities. As the Executive Director at Wilo Nigeria, a subsidiary of Wilo SE Germany, he oversees all operational activities in Nigeria, manages assets and resources, and drives sales strategy. His tenure has been marked by strategic planning, effective resource allocation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Prior to his current role, Joseph served as the Financial Controller at Wilo Nigeria, where he played a pivotal role in implementing the Nav ERP system and setting up the finance unit, enhancing operational efficiency and financial transparency.

Global Outlook and Continuous Learning

Joseph’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the borders of Nigeria. He has participated in global business forums and training programs in countries such as Spain, Germany, and Hungary, enriching his perspective and staying abreast of international best practices.

In summary, my professional journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a drive for impactful change. As the Executive Director at Wilo Nigeria, I spearheaded initiatives aimed at elevating the company’s market share as a premier provider of water pumps and pumping systems in Nigeria. Through strategic repositioning, we successfully positioned Wilo among the top pump companies in the country. Additionally, during my tenure as CFO/COO at The Udemba Group, I effectively managed a diverse team of over 120 staff across multiple branches nationwide, ensuring operational efficiency and sustainable growth. As a Principal Consultant at Nextzon, I played a pivotal role in driving small and medium business restructuring, implementing change management strategies, and conducting comprehensive feasibility studies and audits. Notably, I led a team in collaboration with the Benue State Government to facilitate a successful bond raise in 2009. Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply committed to my faith as a dedicated Catholic and an active member of the Knight of St. Mulumba. Through each role and endeavor, I have remained steadfast in my pursuit of excellence and positive impact.

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