Victoria Ajibola’s New Movie, “Akanke Amororo” Set for Private Screening in Oyo

Victoria Ajibola’s New Movie, “Akanke Amororo” Set for Private Screening in Oyo

Renowned movie producer cum actress, Victoria Ajibola, popularly known as Omo Local, is set to unveil her latest movie, “Akanke Amororo,” in an exclusive private screening on Saturday, June 8, 2024, in Oyo Town. The film, which boasts a star-studded cast including Odunlade Adekola, Ibrahim Chatta, Alapini Osha, Peju Ogunmola, Antar Laniyan, Kolawole Ajeyemi, Bose Akinola, Ojopagogo, Ayo Mogaji, Olayinka Abdraman, Oyetola Omo Elemosho, Atoribewu, and Ajanbadan promises a compelling narrative filled with drama, intrigue, and cultural richness.

“Akanke Amororo” tells the captivating story of a powerful woman, Akanke Amororo, who hails from a family with deep roots in masquerade traditions. Despite her family’s unique heritage—her blind father is a renowned drummer—Akanke’s formidable abilities remain undetected by those around her. The plot thickens with the presence of a tyrannical king whose son is notorious for his heinous acts of molestation and violence against women.

To curb the prince’s depraved behavior, the oracle prescribes marriage as a remedy. The solution involves organizing the Odunoge Festival, where the prince’s future wife will be selected from the best dancers. Akanke Amororo, who belongs to a dance troupe in her village, enters the competition, aiming to avenge the wrongs inflicted upon her village by the cruel king. Her victory in the dance competition secures her marriage to the prince, paving the way for her to uncover and dismantle the king’s source of power.

Victoria Ajibola’s production not only highlights the rich cultural tapestry of Yoruba traditions but also tackles significant themes of justice, empowerment, and retribution. The film’s private screening is highly anticipated, marking a significant milestone for Ajibola’s career and the Nigerian film industry.

Invited guests will have the opportunity to witness this riveting tale firsthand in Oyo Town, a setting chosen for its cultural significance and Ajibola’s personal connection to the locale. The screening promises to be a memorable event, celebrating the artistic achievements of the cast and crew while offering a powerful narrative that resonates with contemporary social issues.

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