Crime!How A Struggling POS Operator Single-Mother Attacked In Mile 12… Residence Cries Out To Governor Sanwo-Olu To Protect The Lives Of Lagosians~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi

Crime!How A Struggling POS Operator Single-Mother Attacked In Mile 12… Residence Cries Out To Governor Sanwo-Olu To Protect The Lives Of Lagosians~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi

The level of crime committed/reported in Mile 12 axis along Ikorodu roads is getting stranger by the day. In fact, many say we are already living/sitting on a keg of gun powder in some areas in Lagos State and to explain the inordinate, sadistic ways people are looking for money as the crime increases on daly basis.

The following and ugly local rubbery story was narrated to Bethnews Media by eyewitness who lives around ogolonto down part of Irawo along Ikorodu road in Lagos about a bizarre, ugly robbery experience an innocent hustling POS Operator who happens to be a single mother recently survived.

The robbery attack experience, which led to severe mental trauma, saw her suffering loss of memory for more than 5 hours, only regaining it after sustained mental and proper care.

It was on a Wednesday evening 19th June 2024.
A woman who was faithfully and dedicated to her POS job at Mile 12 whose every other woman sees as lucrative business that is trending all over the state within the country was said to have left her house to Ketu-Alapere popularly known as mile 12 which situated along Ikorodu road after she has taken her children to school , she was doing her POS business as usual like every other days in which she was well known within that axis as madam POS as she’s fondly called by those market women and passersby.

As she reportedly about to close for the business of the day, not quite long a dark-complexioned man came on a pretence to make a withdrawal from her He was so good-looking and exuded such confidence, that didn’t need to be told that was the owner of the jeep parked a few distance from her POS business stand, guess what? Within her she was thinking the man must be one of those big politicians. He greeted her and she responded promptly and respectfully. Walking closely behind him were three young, lanky men. Though she was a bit intimidated by their presence, her courage sprang from the fact that she has been doing her POS business quite some days within that environment and at that very moment her services were needed as POS Operator because she saw them as normal customers that wanted to make a withdrawal or who might probably want to send/transfer money out.

Her joy was sky-bound when those men assured her under the guise of making a withdrawal which she was already doing arithmetic in her head, rearranging priorities and upgrading financial plans. But joy turned to horror and revulsion when a gun and cutlasses were pointed on her head followed by a audible voice shouted at her to bring out all her cash and handed over her POS machine or else… She summoned the courage to shout for help at the same time dragging her little bag of money together with her POS machine with them, unfortunately there was no one to rescue her at that very moment as she was overwhelmed and choked.
As at the time of filling this report she has been hospitalized in one of the nearby private hospitals for proper treatment because of the injury she sustained.

Oluwaseun Fabiyi is a seasoned Journalist writes from Lagos.

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