WTN @ 30: Primate Ayodele’s Difficult Journey Of Devotion, Commitment, Consecration ~By Osho Oluwatosin, Lagos

WTN @ 30: Primate Ayodele’s Difficult Journey Of Devotion, Commitment, Consecration ~By Osho Oluwatosin, Lagos

In a few days from now, Primate Elijah Ayodele, the Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, will be launching the 30th edition of his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations and personally, it’s been moments of ecstasy and reflection for some days now on account of how it’s been possible for this enigmatic prophet to have embarked on this difficult journey in 1994, before many were born, and till now, has remained in it without missing a year.

I can recollect that the first edition of ‘Warnings To The Nations’ was a small pamphlet that didn’t exceed 100 pages or less but over the years, Primate Ayodele improved greatly on this publication and increased the pages of this prophetic book to over 400 and more.

Many may not understand the meaning of documenting ‘Warnings To The Nations’ across the world for thirty years because to some, it’s like a literature book anyone can do as long as they have the resources and content to publish but having this thought about ‘Warnings To The Nations’ would be a big mistake. A literature book can be done by drawing inspiration from history, thought processes, current happenings, life stories, politics, governance, etc but WTN is not anywhere close to a literature or story book, it’s basically a book that clearly foretells the future of nations, presidents, individuals, sectors, organizations, states, local governments, policies, politicians, and the texts are never drawn from past events, current events, imaginations, predictions because it’s strictly a clear representation of what is to come, inspired not by flesh and blood but the spirit.

Obviously, a book that contains prophecies about 196 countries in the world including their presidents, all 36 governors in Nigeria, 774 local governments in Nigeria, hundreds of corporations, notable personalities around the world, etc CANNOT be inspired by mere flesh or the physical because it doesn’t even sound ordinary. Beyond releasing these prophecies, they all come to pass exactly how they were presented in the publication, underscoring the spiritual nature of ‘Warnings To The Nations’. In 2020, Primate Ayodele released to the public a compendium of 5,000 fulfilled prophecies that were derived from WTN, many of the notable happenings around the world are things that were already written in the past editions of WTN, and how can we explain this in physical terms? It’s vividly too mysterious for the human mind to comprehend.

The process of producing just one edition of a publication like ‘Warnings To The Nations’ is rigorous, difficult, and not so pleasant as it requires continuous and serious spiritual exercises. For anyone to receive from the spirit of God, you definitely need to be spiritually sharpened and be in that sensitive position to know when God is speaking. For instance, Moses spent 40 days and night on Mount Sinai just to receive the 10 commandments (Exodus 19), there are several references in the bible about Prophets that spent days on the mountain, consecrating themselves to be able to receive from God, how much more a prophetic publication that is produced annually.

Based on information that I am privy to, Primate Ayodele dedicates nothing less than four months to prepare for Warnings To The Nations every year. There are other things Primate Ayodele prepares for spiritually but for WTN, he begins fasting from the month of March to June and this means throughout the period of fasting, He would not see anyone, will not attend any outing no matter how important, he won’t use be able to cut his hair, He won’t be able to eat nutritious food; In other words, he denies himself of pleasures, nutrition, relationship with friends and family, meetings, etc. in order to accurately receive from the throne of God. Apparently, this means that for thirty years, Primate Ayodele has been denying himself of these pleasures every year for Warnings To The Nations.

Meanwhile, Warnings To The Nations is just one aspect of Primate Ayodele’s prophetic ministry, there are other things he does within the ministry which includes New year prophecies every December which also requires spiritual preparation, his church’s annual fasting and prayer convention which always begin from December to February annually, observing Lent period which is basically about fasting every year from March to April, and many more. By calculation, Primate Ayodele actually spends major parts of the year fasting and staying with God on the mountain for the benefit of mankind and this explains why his prophecies exploit beyond the shores of Nigeria.

On a lighter mode, this ‘spiritual’ lifestyle has greatly influenced the physical lifestyle of Primate Ayodele, maybe that’s why he never attends events, rarely travels or leaves the confinement of his church’s office, and prefers to receive visitors than visiting people apart of his church members occasionally because most of the time, He is on a spiritual journey.

Thirty years of ‘Warnings To The Nations’ has been more of a spiritual journey for Primate Ayodele and indeed, it has been remarkable due to the unbelievable but confirmed fulfilled prophecies that have emanated from WTN since 1994.

Of course, it’s impossible for this publication to have continued for three decades without its own numerous challenges but the resilience, dedication and commitment behind ‘Warnings To The Nations’ could have only kept it going. In thirty years, we have seen other men of God produce a similar prophecy book but a larger percentage of them have either stopped or not been consistent with it any longer because of the spiritual and physical resources that are involved.

Indeed, Primate Ayodele deserves some accolades for ensuring that every year, Warnings To The Nations is available to several individuals and corporations that have made the prophecy booklet their direction in whatever they want to do.

I also want to seize this opportunity to congratulate Primate Ayodele on this amazing and incredible feat, it feels great knowing God is using him powerfully and that he has remained in Christ despite the challenges he may have faced. I wish him many more exploits to come by God’s grace.

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